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Blending Plants
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    Small to medium sized crushing; floating gold and diamond recovery; mineral exploration & production; fertilizer blending & coating plants; load out facilities; screening plants & more.

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    Small to medium sized crushing; floating gold and diamond recovery; mineral exploration & production; fertilizer blending & coating plants; load out facilities; screening plants & more.

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    AMTAS can design, draft, manufacture, install and commission products by staff with hands-on experience. Individually designed or modified to suit your applications, AMTAS saves sourcing outside consultants.

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Blending Plants

Fertiliser Blending and Loadout Facilities.

Amtas can design and manufacture fertiliser blending plants to suit most applications and have a number of operational plants in country and Perth metropolitan areas. With 15 years experience working with local fertiliser companies we can supply a reliable and cost efficient plant to suit your needs. Plants range from small micro batch feeder units for blending trace elements up to large scale blending and loadout facilities with multiple primary hoppers (up to 15 tonne capacty each), multiple trace element hoppers, screen deck , blending screw con- veyor, bucket elevator and over head shuttle conveyor for loading transport vehicles. Fully automated, computer control packages are available using customised programming tailored to suit each individual plant. The program controls the start-up sequencing, mass flow rate from each hopper, chemical spray flow rate (if fitted), total combined flow rate, shut-down sequencing and stop on target batch weight.

A typical 200 tph blending plant would consist of the following items:-

  • Three to four 10 or 15 tonne major ingredient hoppers with oversize grizzly bars. Support stand with loadcells and loss in weight controllers. LED mass total displays in the hopper face.
  • Rotary conditioner in each hopper bottom to break up oversize lumps and bypass screens in the hoppers to allow undersize product to bypass the conditioner.
  • 750mm wide, troughed belt feeders attached to the hopper with variable speed drives.
  • Three to four 2 to 5 tonne trace element hoppers with oversize screens. Common support stand  with loadcells and loss in weight controllers for each hopper.
  • Screw feeder or belt feeder with variable speed drive fitted to trace element hoppers.
  • Transfer conveyor with load points for each primary and trace element hopper.
  • Blending screw conveyor with hopper to accept feed from transfer conveyor.Provision for liquid chemical addition.
  • Bucket elevator which lifts the feed to a vibrating screen deck. The screen is mounted in a tower structure and directly above a shuttle conveyor with weighbridge below.
  • Vibrating screen deck, horizontally mounted with twin out of balance motors.
  • Shuttle conveyor, 900mm wide with 10.0m travel that allows loading of all popular truck/ trailer combinations without having to move on the weighbridge (weighbridge length permitting).
  • Pump and weighing platform for chemicals addition. Pump is mounted in anenclosed base with weighing platform above and suits 1000 L bulker tanks.
  • MCC (motor control cabinet) with manual stop/ start controls, variable speed drives, soft starters and communication modules.
  • Computer, batch program, UPS and LED displays showing mass flow rates and accumulated mass total.

This is a typical arrangement but as each client has individual requirements the plantlayouts, component make-up and total feed rates are tailored to suit.Where possible all components are sourced locally otherwise the best quality German, American and Japanese parts are used.

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BHP Steel Award

Winner of the 1987 BHP Steel Award (Primary Industry Category) for the BSP 10 Mobile Bulk Sampling Plant.  Download brochure here.

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