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Bucket Elevators
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    Small to medium sized crushing; floating gold and diamond recovery; mineral exploration & production; fertilizer blending & coating plants; load out facilities; screening plants & more.

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    Small to medium sized crushing; floating gold and diamond recovery; mineral exploration & production; fertilizer blending & coating plants; load out facilities; screening plants & more.

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Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators

Amtas design and manufacture a range of bucket elevators to suit the tough environmental conditions found in fertiliser handling facilities and blending plants. Capacities range from as little as 2.0 tph to 250 tph with varying heights as required.

Casings can be supplied in varying, flanged segment lengths and constructed of mild steel or stainless steel as required. All mild steel casings are abrasive blast cleaned, primed with two pack epoxy primers and top coated with high build two pack epoxy paint. All seams are sealed and painted over to prevent chemical penetration and the resulting corrosion. Stainless steel casings can be supplied acid passivated and left un-painted or abrasive blast cleaned and painted with epoxy primers and top coats.

Internal lining of the casing to prevent corrosion and build up due to condensation can be optioned with 3mm rubber and 2mm sprayed, polyurethane or poly-urea being the common choices. Varying types of rubber are used depending upon the chemical composition of the feed material and other additives that may attack natural rubber.

Drive pulleys are supplied crowned with rubber or ceramic lagging and have replaceable shafts of quality carbon steel or optional stainless steel. Tail pulleys are crowned and designed to shed  product to the sides, away from belt contact. These pulleys are precision fabricated from laser cut components.

Amtas recommend and fit SEW Eurodrive shaft mounted gear-motors as standard fitment. Other drive arrangements can be supplied as a matter of choice.

Bearings for the drive pulleys are double spherical roller in cast iron housings.

Taconite seals are used to seal both drive and tail pulleys and are mounted in stainless steel housings. Take-up unit is stainless steel with all stainless steel fasteners.

Standard top covers are supplied hinged and flanged to allow easy access.

Discharge chutes are supplied with an adjustable UHMWPE liner and are either flanged or have a retaining ring to suit Victaulic couplings. Amtas manufacture discharge pipes of polyethylene or stainless steel, as required.

Standard buckets used are Maxi-Lift, Tiger tough in HD Polyethylene or Urethane. Steel “Digger “ buckets (2 or 4 off per elevator, depending on length) with hardened reinforced edges are available as an extra. These buckets project approximately 5-6mm further than the standard buckets and help reduce wear on the standard buckets.

Elevator belts are available in rubber or solid woven PVC and are joined using “Maxi-Splice” mechanical clamps.

 Options for Elevators

  • Standard or “Scavenger” style feed into boot section
  • Working access platforms and ladders
  • Shaft mount drive or Gearbox with pulleys and belts
  • Stainless steel pulley shafts
  • Rubber, polyurethane or polyurea casing liners
  • Rubber or ceramic lagging on drive pulley
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Winner of the 1987 BHP Steel Award (Primary Industry Category) for the BSP 10 Mobile Bulk Sampling Plant.  Download brochure here.

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