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Weigh Hoppers
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    Small to medium sized crushing; floating gold and diamond recovery; mineral exploration & production; fertilizer blending & coating plants; load out facilities; screening plants & more.

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    Small to medium sized crushing; floating gold and diamond recovery; mineral exploration & production; fertilizer blending & coating plants; load out facilities; screening plants & more.

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    AMTAS can design, draft, manufacture, install and commission products by staff with hands-on experience. Individually designed or modified to suit your applications, AMTAS saves sourcing outside consultants.

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Weigh Hoppers

Weigh Hoppers & Standard Hoppers

Select from a wide range of capacities and shapes ranging from 20kg to 30,000kg. Fixed installation or mobile with or without weighing systems. All weigh hoppers are fitted with stainless steel ‘button’ type precision load cells and heavy duty stainless steel mounting kits with built in restraints. Fully adjustable mounting kits that do not require shimming are available as an option.

Weigh hoppers are fitted with a large (75mm) integral LED display that is clearly visible at 20m. Weighing head is mounted in a GRP or stainless steel enclosure, (IP66 rated) to prevent corrosion. In most cases permanent wiring is routed through the support structure using nylon glands. This eliminates the need for external conduits and fasteners and gives better protection for the cables

Hoppers can be mounted on skid bases or flanged feet. In most cases rectangular hollow steel section (RHS) is used for the support frames and skids. Where possible vertical diagonal bracing is used so that floor level cross bracing is not required leaving the area under the hopper clear and easy to clean. All steel work is Class 2-1/2 abrasive blast cleaned and primed with two pack epoxy primers. A top coat of two pack epoxy or two pack polyurethane (depending upon the surface finish required) is then applied  to provide superior corrosion resistance. All stitch welded seams are seam sealed and painted over with top coat. All fasteners used in the assembly of our hoppers are stainless steel and coated with an anti-seize compound.


Options for Hoppers

Oversize grizzlies, bolt on and fixed hungry boards, bolt on dust covers, roll tarp type dust covers and conditioners are offered on all of our larger capacity hoppers. Belt feeders and screw conveyors can also be supplied and are flange mounted.

Smaller hoppers including trace element hoppers can be supplied with oversize screens and dust covers if required. Flange mounted belt feeders and screw conveyors are also available for these hoppers.

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AMTAS has exported to the following countries:
Ecuador, Gabon, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Venezuela, Zimbabwe.

BHP Steel Award

Winner of the 1987 BHP Steel Award (Primary Industry Category) for the BSP 10 Mobile Bulk Sampling Plant.  Download brochure here.

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